Meet Dr. Houpt

On Being a Dentist

I believe in providing painless dental care that improves the lives of each of my patients. Whether they need to be relieved of pain, have function restored, or desire a more beautiful smile, I am here to help.

By taking the time to speak with each person, and ask about their goals and concerns, I’m able to develop individual treatment plans that are right for their situation. Just as each patient is unique, so too are their needs. As a dentist, it’s my responsibility to figure out what’s the best solution to each person’s requirements.

I serve a diverse group of patients, of all ages, and enjoy the conversations we have. Those conversations build rapport and we often become friends. I look forward to their visits to hear the latest news about their family and life, and am honored they share so much with me.

Education and Continuing Education

I was born in Minot, North Dakota, and moved to southern Nevada where I graduated from Indian Springs High School. I obtained my Bachelor of Science from the University of Nevada, Reno. I was accepted to and attended Oregon Health and Science University, where I earned my Doctorate of Dental Medicine.

After graduating, I joined the US Navy and completed rotations in oral diagnostics, endodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery at home and abroad for six years. After an honorable discharge and satisfying my military obligation at Naval Submarine Base Bangor, I bought a private practice in Silverdale and have been here ever since. 

Dentistry is a constantly evolving field. The ongoing changes in treatments, availability of new materials, and developing technologies mean I must stay up to date. By attending conferences and lectures, participating in hands-on demonstrations, and reading the current literature, I’m able to remain current. My patients trust that I will offer them the widest array of proven treatments; pursuing continuing education ensures I’m able to do so.

Professional Memberships

Personal Life

Dr. Houpt Dr. Houpt

After growing up in Indian Springs in southern Nevada, Poulsbo is now home. Being part of and giving back to the community is core to who I am, professionally and personally.

I’ve enjoyed a longstanding passion for running. I’ve checked off most of my bucket list items in running, including completion of the New York City Marathon and Boston Marathon. I’m always up for a run! I’ve worked at Emerald Downs racetrack and casino, to provide low-income dentistry for ten years. I also collect Radio Flyer wagons, which you may see around the office during your visit.

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